Welcome to my site. I’m a contemporary balladeer. People seem to enjoy songs that tell stories about love and life. Those are the ballads I do with creative elements from jazz, blues, and such. Ballad – “A poem or song telling a popular story”…

EMAIL ADDRESSA couple of people asked what my email address was I check it about twice a week. Love to here from you.


If you see me on the road — WAVE!

I have been sending copies of DARK WINTER FOLLIES to freeform radio stations around the United States. You can find out more here


Just finished a new song, DARK WINTER FOLLIES. Someone said last fall it was going to be a Dark Winter Have a listen.

You can check out other songs in the song category to the the right. Want to know when a new song is posted. Email me at

SWING SHIFT MACHINE OPERATOR is the name of my first CD released in 2006. Find out how you can listen and what makes it special click HERE