Welcome to my site. I’m a contemporary balladeer. People seem to enjoy songs that tell stories about love and life. Those are the ballads I do with creative elements from jazz, blues, and such. Ballad – “A poem or song telling a popular story”…

EMAIL ADDRESSA couple of people asked what my email address is; I check it about twice a week. Love to here from you.


Here are 4 songs from my catalogue (click the pic). You can always check the whole catalogue by clicking SONGS on the menu to your right. I will change these 4 songs every month or so to make it easy for visitors, both new and old, to listen to a few songs.

Before 2020
Ahh Love
TV Poker
After 2020


If you see me on the road — WAVE!

I have been sending copies of DARK WINTER FOLLIES to freeform radio stations around the United States. You can find out more here

Want to know when a new song is posted. Email me at: JOHNNYRHINO@JRHINO.COM

SWING SHIFT MACHINE OPERATOR is the name of my first CD released in 2006. Find out how you can listen and what makes it special click HERE